FNAF is all about looking and looking nervously at the screens of your monitors. They will show you the places inside and outside the pizzeria you are working at. Nothing special will happen once you start. However, as you continue playing, you will become a target for animatronics, strange and blood-willing creatures, who live there. They work at the pizzeria as entertainers, however, something changes inside of them at night and they start to look for victims to scare.

It is not very clear whether this happens because of you or because this is just the way they are. Some fans say that protagonist’s story explains the reason why animatronics want to play tricks and even kill him. There is a version that the main character has a very dark past. He might be a maniac that murdered a number of poor innocent children and now their souls are back and want to take a revenge. They actually live inside of the toy-bodies of animatronics and don’t have any other aims but to make the main character pay the debt. In any case, the title will surely come to your taste if you prefer to be jumpscared and find pop-ups and screamers nice.

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