Creepy Nights at Freddy’s 3D

If you are a fan of simple but well-done horror games that use jumpscares and other thrilling tricks to make you scared, FNAF is a perfect choice for you. Here, you won’t have to waste your time to walk around the mysterious haunted houses, trying to recollect the brain wracking story. You won’t have a gun to kill the monsters that come from hell. However, you will still meet some of such monsters right here. Unfortunately, you won’t have any weapons to deal with them. Instead, you will have to find the best way to hide and stay unharmed at times when they are going really mad. So the story behind the game is pretty clear and simple – you are a regular guy, who has been looking for a job and he has found one. What’s next? Well, now he is a night guard at a pizzeria, which seems to be a party-place for families at the day time, but turns into a really filthy place when the sun goes down. It turns out that animatronics are fond of human blood and… congratulations, you are their victim now!

Fans speculate that the story that stands behind the game is not as straightforward as it may seem. They say that the main character has a dark past. He is blamed for being a serial killer, who has murdered a lot of kids. Now their souls are sealed inside of the animatronics and they have a chance to get their revenge. This is why they are terrorizing him that hard. What is more, they are talking in a strange way and sometimes one can recognize some tips about this version in their words. So, considering an idea like that, the game seems even more creepy and crazy. Take a hellish trip to your own guilt and horrible memories that will never set you free. You are stuck here forever, because this is hell and sinners go straight there. Good luck, dear friend! Unexpected jumpscares are waiting for you and we hope that your hair won’t turn grey after you pass these five creepy night at the pizzeria owned by a strange teddy bear and his small friends.

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