Creepy Nights at Freddy’s 2

Behold, another adventure in the creepiest place ever is about to start! Are you ready for another hang out with animatronics? Just be aware that playing with them is not a piece of cake! You are going to play for Mike, a guy, who seems to have made a deal of wrong decisions in his life. One of such decisions was his job choice: he got hired as a watchman in a pizzeria. Well, what’s so wrong about that, you may ask? From the first sight, everything looked very peaceful and nice. Who knew that this pizzeria is a real hell on earth! A frightening nightmare is waiting for him at every shift. Animatronics, mechanical animals that are friendly and cheery at the daytime, turn into monsters at night. He is doomed to spend five nights with them doing his best to stay alive. As you know from the official parts of the series, the main character is used to sit in his room, watching the animatronics moving closer and trying to enter. His task is to close the possible entrances, one by one, to keep them at a safe distance. Since he cannot close all the entrances at the same time, the task becomes really challenging.

The main difference between the official parts and this one, which has been created by fans, is that now you have to move around the pizzeria. Freedom of movement gives you an opportunity to see the building’s rooms as well as watch the animals in movement. This sounds really interesting, however, they are no less dangerous than before. As you can move around, they will try to chase you and get you. So make sure that you choose the correct locations and run away fast when things become too dangerous. You can close the doors after yourself and block the entrances, however, be aware that animatronics know this place perfectly and they will do everything to play that dirty trick with you. At the moment they reach you, you will get scared really hard. Check the pizzeria from within and see animatronics in action! There are hidden characters in the game, so if you pass the levels successfully, you will have a great chance to meet them (we are not sure that this meeting will be very pleasant). Freddy and his friends cannot wait to play a game with you, so get ready for a killing hide-and-seek and the most horrifying five nights in your life! Among them you will meet Bonnie, Foxie, Chicken and other deadly adorable guys. Get ready to have an incredible fun and try not to get scared too much! Jumpscares and unexpected twists, as well as nervous atmosphere are guaranteed!

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