Play for an unlucky guard, who stays in a pizzeria for five nights and tries to survive. Why unlucky? Because he is being attacked by animatronics and don’t let their appearance fool you. Despite the fact that they remind you of plush toys, they are dangerous and willing to kill. Sometimes, they are playful and nice, sometimes they are more interested in scaring someone to death (this “someone” is you, or course, so get ready). Nobody really knows what makes them so hostile towards you. However, some fans speculate that animatronics are not just mechanical dolls, but they contain souls of murdered children inside of them. Indeed, if you pay attention to their speech, you might guess that they are talking about some crime and revenge they are going to get. There is a version that a protagonist is guilty in numerous deaths of small children, so now he is suffering for his sins. There is no official confirmation of these words, but why not, the idea makes the game even creepier. Can you survive five crazy nights with animatronics? Hope you can! Try it right now for free and see. Don’t forget to try all the parts of the series, because all of them have something amazing to surprise you with.

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