Well-drawn, well-thought and scary. This is how FNaF can be described in a couple of words. This is an incredibly popular indie horror that has a large fan base and now it is available for PS4. When you launch FNaF 8, you find yourself as a watchman in a pizza house, sitting all alone in the office. Nothing special, right? And nothing scary. You are hired at a place that is famous for having a cute entertaining program for visitors: mechanical animal-dolls are dancing and playing cheerfully with them and everyone seems to be so happy. However, there are some news for you. Animatronics need to keep moving all the time, otherwise their mechanisms will break down. So they do continue moving at night. However, they are not dancing and singing anymore, just like they used to when it is day time. Instead, they seem to be very dangerous and aggressive. They are trying to enter your office room all of a sudden and scare you. This is how their entertainments change when it is dark. You are the victim.

Gladly, there are cameras located all over the pizzeria, so you can track them while they move. Watch different screens to notice animatronics approaching. This is a great feature of the game, since it is very thrilling to look for a long time at some location and notice that something is moving there at one moment. When you see that something is moving, be ready that one of the animatronics is already near you. They are very fast, so once you see them somewhere in a building, be sure that you have a couple of seconds to do something. All you can do is closing the doors. But not all of them, unfortunately. Predict which entrances the monsters are going to use basing on the trajectory and make sure to block those entrances before they are here.

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