FNaF 9

Did you hear that amazing news about the movie that is going to be made basing on your favorite horror title about animatronics? Yes, the franchise is spreading all around. The script is not written yet, but we hope that you will have a chance to see the well-drawn 3D monster-animatronics at their best. As you know, the original plot tells a story about a guy, who gets stuck in a pizzeria, where he is working as a watchman. He had no idea, what kind of place is that. Everything he (and everybody else in town) knows about Freddy’s pizza house is that it is an amazing place to have fun: they have tasty food to treat you and a team of amazingly adorable mechanical animals. Both children and adults really love them for being cute, joyful, and sweet. Just imagine the protagonist’s shock, when he realizes that these cuties are actually willing to kill him, when he comes at his night shift for the first time. And he has 4 more nights ahead.

It is not very clear, what exactly the screen-writers will do with that story, because there is actually a lack of story here. We mean, that this is more than enough for a game, where you act as a main character and the plot develops naturally, depending on your decisions and choices. However, we don’t know what kind of story we are going to see on the large screen. Meanwhile, you are welcome to play this game, including every part that has been created to this moment, on this platform! We have uploaded them all, so try each and every and meet the blood-chilling world of animatronic animals. They are all so different and some parts of the game allow you to create your own, combining their main characteristics and getting custom-made dolls. Try now!

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