FNaF VR Help Wanted

Freddy is a large and soft teddy bear, a real dream of all children and some adults, too, why not? Everybody loves hugs! He can sing songs, dance, make jokes and play. What is more, he is not alone at his Pizza Place. There are his cute-looking friends, Foxie, Bonnie, and others. All of them make a perfect company to have some fun. They are robotic animals, who are always welcoming and smiling. This is what happens during the daytime, however, something changes after the sun goes down. What’s that? Why are animatronics’ eyes are burning red? What are they doing? Oh no, it seems like they go really crazy at night and some evil powers control their actions. Unfortunately, you are the one to see these guys in action. They will come for you soon.

You are working at the pizzeria late at night and your task is to make sure that everything goes well there. Well, nothing goes well there, especially at this time. However, the pizzeria itself is safe, the one who is in a real trouble is you. You have five hard night ahead, the nights when animatronics will try to find you, catch you, and scare you to tears (or death). This is how their games change at the dark time. It is not very clear, why are you doomed to stay at this place over and over again, trying to save your life and psychics from hellish monsters. Maybe, this is a punishment for your sins? Who knows. You don’t really have time for philosophical questions right now, because the animatronics already hear you and they will find you. Can you predict their behavior? Can you hide from them and save your life? This part brings something really unique to you – now, you are not going to sit still on your chair, but walk around the pizzeria. You will see animatronics from all sides now! However, don’t get too distracted, because they are extremely dangerous! If you didn’t play this fan-version of FNaF before, then make sure to do it right now! We are assured that if you are a real FNaF fan, you will love the opportunity to see it from a very different and interesting angle!

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