FNaF 10

Animatronics are ready to play with you! What about you? Are you prepared for five nights of pure nightmare? We hope you are, because this is one of the best horror-titles you have ever seen. Try it right not and have real fun with mechanical animals, so cute-looking and so hostile at the same time. You have already seen them playing with kids, laughing, making jokes and singing karaoke. But what’s wrong with these foxes, chickens, bear, and dogs now? Why are their eyes to creepy and red? Why are they showing their claws and teeth? The problem is that animatronics are not as simple as they seem. Who knows, maybe they are punishing you for some horrible deeds you are guilty in.
Sit at the office at night, watch the animals coming closer to your room and try to choose the right combination when you close the doors and ventilation. You would prefer to block all the entrances at the same time and just sit there satisfied, however, there is nothing interesting in such decision, right? So see them trying to reach you and try to avoid their paws! We bet that you will never forget these incredibly spooky five nights at Freddy’s pizzeria. Good luck and try to stay alive!

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