Creepy Nights at Freddy’s 2019

One of the creepiest and, as a result, most popular horror title of recent years is FNaF. It has millions of fans all over the globe appreciate the story of a guy, who has five night shifts at a very strange place called Freddy’s Pizzeria. He is sitting all alone in a dark office, watching the cameras and checking if everything is oaky on the territory, when nobody is there. In fact, nothing is okay there, because the local animatronics, mechanical animals, who entertain visitors, become freaky monsters at that time of the day. They have a sort of a break down when the night comes and turn into killers, willing to sneak into protagonist’s place and scare him. He needs to survive till the morning at all costs, but has no opportunity to lock inside of the room and just wait until the sun rises.

Despite the fact that FNaF is a pretty small indie game, it has gained unbelievable attention from the audience. While there are so many titles of that kind, made by regular guys, who locate their products on different platforms like Steam, not many of them receive an appreciation of that kind. However, they rarely evoke that level of attention to all the parts of the series. So what is so special about the story of a guard guy, stuck in a pizzeria late at night and being attacked by some ridiculous monsters? Teddy bears, chickens, foxes and other animals look cute, but also dangerous. They hide in the dark and are very smart. The secret of title’s popularity is a sense of panic and thrill one gets, when looking at the monitors and suddenly notices that something moves in the room. Indeed, it is incredibly creepy to see something you haven’t seen before and then… it appears right in front of you, unexpectedly and very close. This can make anyone (even the most experienced horror-lover, who have already tried millions of titles of that genre) jump on his computer chair.

The main feature of the game is adrenaline it gives you, when you are not expecting to be attacked. The atmosphere is very thought-out and all the elements of the game, including the environment and light, support this feeling perfectly. What is more, you have limited options. It means that there is no chance for you to hide and get that sense of safety here. No. You will close one of the doors, while the ventilation will stay free and have no doubts that animatronics will use this chance to reach you. And, of course, the last ingredient of success is that the characters look really nice. Yes, they are charming. And killing.

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